"Helping You To Grow Your Business"

"Surely, there must be a better way..."

​Clients approach us when they know that what they are doing is tired, inefficient or ineffective.

Maybe you have an inefficient, paper-based system, which has become unmanageable as your business has grown. Or maybe you have a member of staff who stores a large number of key processes in their head and nobody else would be able to step in and take over if they left. Maybe you have no real way of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing, or how successful your employees are in their roles.

If these or issues like them fit the situation in your business, then we can help you. 

Breakthrough Consultancy Limited
is a specialist business systems consultancy. 

​Our diverse clients have one thing in common - a desire to grow their businesses.

Here at Breakthrough Consultancy, we advise clients on everything from how to improve the design of their websites and systems so that they actually convert leads into customers rather than just look pretty, to how to get the best out of their employees through positive performance management and appraisal.

We have a broad client base, but our teams specialise in the Independent Education Sector and the Small Business market.

We know we can help you.
Make contact today. 

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